Royal Highland Show 2022
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: John Garnett


Heifer, not in calf (7)

  1. Grayridge Milio Laurie Sheik (Milio), Drumtall Farm
  2. Glenmuir RT Unstoppable Lemonade Red (Unstoppable), R & M Scott
  3. Islandpride Thunder Blexy (Thunder Storm), Meiklefirth Partners


Cow, in milk, having had one calving by three years of age (4)

  1. Grayridge Fitz Georgette (Fitz), Blythbridge Holsteins
  2. Blythbridge Dumbledore Paula (Dumbledore), Blythbridge Holsteins
  3. Meiklefirth Tattoo Sasha (Tattoo), Meiklefirth Partners


Junior Championship

Champion: Grayridge Fitz Georgette

Reserve Champion: Blythbridge Dumbledore Paula


Cow, in milk, having had two calvings (7)

  1. Wilt Bailay (Eagel), Blythbridge Holsteins
  2. Eastford Integral Kiwi (Integral), B & M Yates
  3. Logan Shania Red (Jordy), B & M Yates


Cow, in milk, having had three calvings (5)

  1. Blythbridge Solomon Sesame (Solomon), Blythbridge Holsteins
  2. Muir Toohot Molly (Toohot), W & A Watson
  3. Pinupgirl Awesome Stockings (Awesome), Parkend Farm


Cow, in milk having had four or more calvings (6)

  1. Logan Estate Jazz (Estate), B & M Yates
  2. Warnelview Seaver Nita 3 (Seaver), Blythbridge Holsteins
  3. Cauldcoats Samurai Molliez (Samurai), D Laird


Champion and Reserve Interbreed: Logan Estate Jazz

Reserve: Wilt Bailay

Honourable Mention: Grayridge Fitz Georgette

Best Red & White

Champion: Logan Shania Red

Group of three (2)

  1. B & M Yates
  2. D Laird

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