UK Dairy Expo 2020 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: Amy Miller


Champion: Elliot Jackson

Reserve Champion: Will Horsley

Honourable Mention: Rosie Dennison


Mature (8)

1st Will Horsley

2nd Natasha Kirby

3rd Neil Sloan

4th Matt Jones

5th Mark Guthrie

6th Aimee Harrison

7th Daniel Edwards

8th Claire Cletheroe


Senior (11)

1st Elliot Jackson

2nd Rosie Dennison

3rd Rachel Corley

4th Harriet Jackson

5th Eleanor Fisher

6th Molly Harris

7th Dan Weaver

8th Gwennan Jones

9th Katie Jackson

10th Amy Weaver

11th Owen Armitage


Intermediate (13)

1st Jeremy Jackson

2nd Conor Wharton

3rd Rory Scott

4th Peighton Robertson

5th Jack Wilson

6th Katie Watson

7th Alfie Hay

8th Craig Hodge

9th Calum Gray

10th Tom Dennison

11th Harry Collins

12th Torie Wilson

13th Georgia Armitage


Junior (12)

1st Erica Gray

2nd Kyle Scott

3rd Andrew Watson

4th Hattie Hassall

5th Lara Elliott

6th Katie Watson

7th Lois Williams

8th Annie Shirt

9th Joseph Watson

10th Eurgain Williams

11th Austin Shirt

12th Edward Wake



Red & Whites

Judge: Pat Conroy


Red & White Championship

Champion: Wiltor Awesome Rosie Red (BU)

Reserve Champion: Drointon JBF Promis Red

Honourable Mention: Maverick Lady In Red


Red & White Junior Championship

Champion: Panda Unstopabull Lemonade Red

Reserve Champion: Panda Exceptional Fools Gold Red

Honourable Mention: Logan Diamondback Kiwi Red



Red & White Junior Calf (2)

1st Logan Diamondback Kiwi Red (Diamondback), B Yates & Son

2nd Panda Tangtastic Red (Unstopabull Red), Panda Holsteins


Red & White Senior Calf (9)

1st Panda Unstopabull Lemonade Red (Unstopabull Red), Panda Holsteins

2nd Panda Tango Red (Unstopabull Red), Panda Holsteins

3rd Drointon Diamondback Marqi Red (Diamondback), D Howat

4th FG California Dreaming Red (Loh Dice Red), Lillyhall & Whinhill Holsteins

5th Panda Lovely Red (Loh Dice Red), Maverick Holsteins

6th Drointon TLC Apple Crisp Seisme Red (Apple Crisp), TLC & Drointon

7th Nethervalley Stronger Emma Red (Stronger), R & M Scott

8th Panda Pure Gold Red (Crushabull), Panda Holsteins

9th Arbennig Jordy Scarlet Red (Jordy Red), T Williams


Junior Heifer (7)

1st Riverdane Miss Awesome Advantageous Red (Awesome Red), Riverdane Holsteins

2nd Logan Shania Red (Jordy Red), B Yates & Son

3rd Auchensala Unstopabull Sumptuous Red (Unstopabull Red), Winkleigh Holsteins

4th Crabtree TD Ruby Red (TD Red), R Thompson & R Hodgson

5th Knowlesmere TT Jordy Dream Red (Jordy Red), J Wilson

6th Ruben Apple Pie Red (Unstopabull Red), Toi Toi & Bluechip Genetics

7th Katal Attico Laura Red (Attico Red), Katal Holsteins


Senior Heifer (3)

1st Panda Exceptional Fools Gold Red (Emilio), Panda Holsteins

2nd TLC Seisme Street Red (Diamondback), TLC, R Tomkinson & M Nutsford

3rd Wiltor Jordy Jodie Red (Jordy Red), Messrs Fisher


2 Year Old (3)

1st (BU) Wiltor Awesome Rosie Red (Awesome Red), D W & C E Jones

2nd Morwick Gladys 84 (Bradley Red), D A Howie & Son

3rd Drointon Awesome Veryspecial Red (Awesome Red), S G Holsteins


3 Year Old (1)

1st (BU) Maverick Lady In Red (Addiction P Red), Maverick Holsteins


Senior Cow (3)

1st (BU) Drointon JBF Promis Red (Flash Red), A & D Mackellor

2nd Valleyhill Haynes Patsy (Haynes Red), A E & A Swale & M Hill

3rd Riverdane Aikman Ghost Red (Aikman), Riverdane & N & L Sercombe




Judge: Yan Jacobs


Champion of Champions

Wiltor Silver Centerpiece


Grand Championship

Champion: Wiltor Silver Centerpiece

Reserve Champion: Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899

Honourable Mention: Aliann Atwood Roxette


Best Udder: Wiltor Silver Centerpiece


Intermediate Championship

Champion: Logan Estate Jazz

Reserve Champion: Riverdane Absolute Springsteen

Honourable Mention: Eastford Diamondback Tabitha


Junior Championship

Champion: Evening Sidekick Jennifer

Reserve Champion: Mostragee Attitude Ellie

Honourable Mention: 5Guys Raptors Blexy


Autumn Calf (9)

1st Panda Twilight (Unstopabull Red), T A & M L Jackson

2nd Ingleden Pepper Rosie (Pepper), Messrs Williamson

3rd Muir Undenied Eliza (Undenied), W & A Watson

4th Blydale Misschief (Stantons Chief), S & T Wake

5th Denmire Crushtime Marq (Crushtime), Messrs Dennison

6th Toi Toi Suzi (Jordy Red), Toi Toi Genetics

7th Logan Doorman Rae (Doorman), B G Yates & Son


9th Katal Alltheway Laura (Alltheway), Katal Holsteins


Summer Calf (14)

1st 5Guys Raptors Blexy (Raptor), T Lomas & 5Guys

2nd Vetech Crushtime Rose (Crushtime), Grayridge & VeTech 

3rd Crossfell Fuel Diamond (Fuel), Crossfell Holsteins

4th Absolute Callen Pic N Mix (Callen), Absolute Genetics

5th Absolute KD Technic-Allie (King Doc), Wormanby Farms Ltd

6th Enchanted Atwood Gail (Atwood), R & M Scott

7th Littlebridge Crushabull Sonya (Crushabull), J L Miles & Son

8th Loford Secretariat D Marci (Secretariat), Katal Holsteins

9th Drointon Unix Melissa (Unix), Crossfell Holsteins

10th Katal Mattenhof Holiday (Crushtime), Katal Holsteins

11th Bailmoor Crushabull B Abbiene (Crushabull), B H Coates

12th Katal Ambrosia Crush (Crushtime), Katal Holsteins

13th Hailstone Lighthouse Sheila (Lighthouse), M & D Wilson

14th Clwch Secretariat Destiny 2 (Secretariat), T Williams


Spring Calf (14)

1st Wormanby Denver Gloriette 2 (Denver), Wormanby Farms Ltd

2nd Leagh Secretariat Lavish (Secretariat), N Sloan

3rd Ingleden Fitz Charline (Fitz), Messrs Williamson

4th Grayridge Doc Bridget (King Doc), Grayridge Holsteins

5th Rubeck Denver Minstrel (Denver), R Thompson & R Hodgson

6th 5Guys Blexy Raptor (Raptor), T Lomas & 5Guys

7th FG California Dreaming Red (Dice Red), Lillyhall & Whinhill Holsteins

8th Crossfell Sidekick Allie (Sidekick), Crossfell Holsteins

9th Absolute Jacoby Soho (Jacoby), Absolute Genetics

10th Auchensala Jordy Brocade (Jordy), A H Wilson & Sons


12th Woodcatt Toffee Crisp (Apple Crisp), D R & H R Horsley

13th Absolute Jacoby Betty Boo (Jacoby), Maverick Holstein

14th Crossfell Sidekick Beauty (Sidekick), Crossfell Holsteins


Winter Yearling (6)

1st Littlebridge Doorman Flo 2 (Doorman), J L Miles & Son

2nd Carldanton Lambda Ashlyn (Lambda), W Horsley & E Monaghan

3rd Denmire Sidekick Marie (Sidekick), Messrs Dennison

4th Bliss Unstopabull Dynamic (Unstopabull Red), R & E Jones

5th Astonpool Doorman Christmas Angel (Doorman), Astonpool Holsteins

6th Katal Doorman Frank Rhapsody (Doorman), Katal Holsteins


Autumn Yearling (4)

1st Evening Sidekick Jennifer (Sidekick), Evening Holsteins

2nd Priestland Solomon James Rose (Solomon), McLean family

3rd Denmire Sidekick Marie 534 (Sidekick), Messrs Dennison

4th Crossfell Undenied Ashlyn (Undenied), Crossfell Holsteins


Senior Yearling (7)

1st Mostragee Attitude Ellie (Attitude), T Henry & Son

2nd Langpark Unix Entice (Unix), R & S Bradley

3rd Nethervalley Kingpin Sara (Kingpin), R & M Scott & R D McInnes & Co

4th Rossett Solomon Ambrosia (Solomon), Crossfell Holsteins

5th Langpark Doorman Roxy 2 (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son

6th Tregibby High Octane Maude (High Octane), A H Wilson & Son

7th Davlea Classic Impala (Classic), J Wilson


Milking Yearling (12)

1st Eastford Diamondback Tabitha (Diamondback), B Yates & Son

2nd Absolute Unix Suzette (Unix), Absolute Genetics

3rd Wormanby Emilio Mahala (Emilio), Wormanby Farms Ltd

4th Damm Beemer Lavish (Beemer), B Yates & Son

5th Wormanby Atwood Holiday Carol (Atwood), M Bryson

6th Evening Ashlyn Solomon (Solomon), Evening Holsteins

7th Lambroda Chief Margot (Chief), M & R Harper

8th Lillyhall Dalliance Sally (Dalliance), M & R Harper

9th Damm Callen Lavish (Callen), B H Coates

10th Eastford Diamond Tabitha (Diamondback), A H Wilson & Son

11th Blydale Jacoby Missy (Jacoby), S & T Wake

12th LH Kedar Lindsays Let Rip (Beemer), H Hassall


Junior 2 Year Old (14)

1st Feizor Octane A Lana (High Octane), W A & A Booth

2nd (BU) Drointon Flashy G Babydoll (Flash Red), A & D Mackellor

3rd Denmire Archimedes Pamela 61 (Archimedes), Riverdane & Messrs Dennison

4th Logan Applicable Belle 2 (Applicable), B G Yates & Son

5th Pinupgirl Awesome Stockings (Awesome Red), G Weatherup

6th Huddlesford Manson Balerine (Manson), Huddlesford & Icow

7th Roebridge Solomon Alicia 3 (Solomon), R Thompson & R Hodgson

8th Shawdale Beemer Dragonfly 12 (Beemer), D, M & J Booth

9th Lillyhall Dalliance Bonita (Dalliance), M & R Harper

10th Feizor Unix W Lasenza (Unix), W A Booth

11th Denmire Euclid Crystal (Euclid), T A Jackson

12th Boclair Beemer Reizend 4 (Beemer), J Brewster

13th Wormanby Fitz Ricki (Fitz), Wormanby Farms Ltd


Senior 2 Year Old (3)

1st (BU) Tregibby Beemer Kitty (Beemer), A H Wilson & Son

2nd Feizor Unix W Lasenza (Unix), A H Wilson & Son

3rd Richaven Byway Mahala (Byway), R Bown


Junior 3 Year Old (10)

1st (BU) Logan Estate Jazz (Estate), B G Yates & Son

2nd Evening Fitz Nell (Fitz), Evening Holsteins

3rd Berryholme Doorman S Flo (Doorman), H Wright & Son

4th Riverdane Deman Raven (Deman), Riverdane Holsteins

5th Parkend Atwood Tammy (Atwood), B Weatherup & Partners

6th Berryholme Beemer Avis (Beemer), H Wright & Son

7th Saxelby Novo Sundae (Novo), R Bown

8th Wormanby Elude D Rose (Elude), Wormanby Farms Ltd

9th Wormanby Bankroll Rose (Bankroll), Wormanby Farms Ltd

10th Boclair Fitz Hope (Fitz), J Brewster


Senior 3 Year Old (5)

1st (BU) Riverdane Absolute Springsteen (Absolute Red), Riverdane Holsteins

2nd Aireburn Mogul Pearloma (Mogul), Huddlesford, Icow & Whinhill

3rd Tregibby Doorman Cinderella (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son

4th Wormanby Capital Capricious (Capital Gain), Wormanby Farms Ltd

5th Cholmondeley Saloon Beechleaf 2 (Saloon), A E & A Swale


4 Year Old (7)

1st (BU) Wiltor Silver Centerpiece (Silver), N & L Sercombe

2nd Evening Seaver Mischief (Seaver), Evening Holsteins

3rd Wyndford Doorman Atlee 2 (Doorman), D W & C E Jones

4th Whinchat Snowy Tippy 2 (Snowy), Evening Holsteins

5th Wormanby Snowy Marq (Snowy), Wormanby Farms Ltd

6th Shawdale Atwood Pamela 119 (Atwood), D, M & J Booth

7th Tregibby Atwood Geraldine (Atwood), A H Wilson & Son


5 Year Old (6)

1st (BU) Aliann Atwood Roxette (Atwood), N & L Sercombe, R & S Kirk & D W & C E Jones

2nd Ingleden Goodwhone Hyacinth (Goodwhone), Messrs Williamson

3rd Riverdane Colt Strawberry (Colt 45), Riverdane Holsteins

4th Riverdane Ashlyns Gold (Gold Chip), Evening Holsteins

5th Aliann Atwood Caramel (Atwood), J D & M E Holgate & R Thompson

6th Silmoor Mincio Nancy (Mincio), E J Fort & Daughters


Mature Cow (4)

1st (BU) Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899 (Bradnick), Huddlesford & Icow 

2nd Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah (Stanleycup), Evening Holsteins, L Lancaster, C Wilson & D O’Neill

3rd Riverdane Ex Rosabel (Explode), Riverdane Holsteins

4th Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose (Shottle), McLean family


Production (2)

1st (BU) Washfold Mary 215 (Mr Drham Sam), Riverdane & Metcalfe Farms

2nd Warnelview Cup Irene 2 (Stanleycup), Evening Holsteins

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