UK Dairy Expo 2023 - Holsteins
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: Nathan Thomas


Autumn Calf (14)

1st  Absolute Summerfest Tik Tok – Absolute Genetics (EB)

2nd  Muir Thunder Ellie – W & A Watson

3rd  Grayridge Milio Dellia – Grayridge Holsteins

4th  Ingleden Captivating Pamela – Messrs Williamson

5th  Hailstone Thunderstorm Sheila – M & D Wilson

6th  Pearsgill Fuel Melanie – G Ogden


Summer Calf (23)

1st  Woodcatt Crushabull Rapture – Brian Donald

2nd  Chasmar Rubels Ann 380 – DR & BR Cotton (EB)

3rd  Larchwood Summerfest Blackrose – Larchwood Holsteins

4th  Crossfell Alongside Noel – Crossfell Holsteins

5th  Denmire Swingman Tina Red 73 – Messrs Dennison

6th  Redhead Unix Koba 2 – S McLoughlin


Spring Calf (23)

1st  Panda Global Magic Red – P & P Hynes

2nd  Toi Toi Lambda La Eva – J Pottow

3rd  Woodcatt Adorable Rapture – DR & HM Horsley (EB)

4th  Newmeadow Chief O’Kissy – S & M Innes

5th  Holben Sidekick Bunny – Holben Holsteins

6th  Damm Doorman Hezbollah – A.C.S Syndicate


Winter Yearling (15)

1st  Firstlook Chief Ashlyn 2 – Firstlook & Williams (EB)

2nd  Ingleden Luster Roxy – Messrs Williamson

3rd  Crossfell Chief Baya – Crossfell Holsteins

4th  Leagh Chief Kaya – DR & HM Horsley

5th  Panda O’Kie Dokie Red – Panda Holsteins

6th  Panda O’Christmas Red – Panda Holsteins


Autumn Yearling (6)

1st  Newbirks Chief Jazz – Scott Forsyth

2nd  Davlea Chief Alicia – W & A Watson

3rd  Crossfell Chief Atlee – Crossfell Holsteins (EB)

4th  Ingleview Solo Twizzle – Cairnpat Holsteins

5th  Denmire Swingman Neoma Red 4 – H Shepherd

6th  Evening Alligator Farah – Lucas Stizaker


Senior Yearling (6)

1st  TLC MMH Badhabits – Grayridge, Drointon & Oakfield

2nd  Panda Amazon Order In Red – S & M Innes

3rd  Richaven Victor Squaw 3 – Airey & Heuchan

4th  Panda Otto B Great Gold – Panda Holsteins (EB)

5th  Lightning Sidekick Dream – Jack Wilson

6th  Ewemoo Lambda Appleena – Jack Wilson


Junior Champion

Champion -  Newbirks Chief Jazz – Scott Forysth

Reserve -  Woodcatt Crushabull Rapture – Brian Donald

Honourable Mention -  Firstlook Chief Ashlyn 2 – Firstlook & Williams


Milking Yearling (9)

1st  Luck-E Altitude America Red – Luck-E Holsteins & K & A Lawrie (EB) (BU)

2nd  Parkend Dalliance Tamara – Brian Weatherup

3rd  Blythbridge Artist Tina 2 – Blyth Farms

4th  Feizor Mirand A Kandie Red – WA & A Booth

5th  Pearsgill King Doc Rosalie – G Ogden

6th  Crossfell Crushabull Magic – Crossfell Holsteins


Junior Two Year Old (12)

1st  Blythbridge Artist Carol – Blyth Farm (EB)

2nd  Stair Royal Roxy – Greentowers Farms Ltd (BU)

3rd  Blythbridge Artist Jem – Blyth Farms

4th  Nethervalley King Doc Lorna – R & M Scott

5th  Newbirks Jacoby Jazz 1940 – A Lawson & Son

6th  Riverdane Cheerleader – Riverdane Holsteins & O Greenhalgh


Senior Two Year Old (4)

1st  Eedy Crushabull Acclaim – B Yates & Son (BU)

2nd  Vetech Pepper Kim – R & M Scott & S Esquardo

3rd  Bailmoor Atwood BB Dora – Coates Family (EB)

4th  Toi Toi BC Unix La Bella – Toi Toi Genetics


Junior Three Year Old (10)

1st  Carldanton Victor Springsteen – Carldanton Holsteins (EB) (BU)

2nd  Arnot Jans Rhapsody – Crossfell Holsteins

3rd  Riverdane Lu Ashlyn – Carldanton Holsteins

4th  Blythbridge Spock Tamie – Blyth Farms

5th  Blythbridge Solonoid America – Blyth Farms

6th  Larchwood Chief Mirage – Larchwood Holsteins


Senior Three Year Old (7)

1st  Richaven Diamondback Mahala – R A Bown (EB) (BU)

2nd  Feizor Sidekick U Delia – WA & A Booth

3rd  Newbirks Brennan Blueblood 989 – A Lawson & Son

4th  Bailmoor BHC Crushabull B Abbiene – Coates Family

5th  Richaven Denver Tandy – R A Bown

6th  Aliann Pepper Elegance – Aliann Holsteins


Intermediate Championship

Champion -  Eedy Crushabull Acclaim – B Yates & Son

Reserve - Luck-E Altitude America Red – Luck-E Holsteins & K & A Lawrie

Honourable Mention -  Blythbridge Artist Carol – Blyth Farms


Four Year Old (10)

1st  Evening Sidekick Jennifer – Evening Holsteins (EB) (BU)

2nd  Absolute Unix Suzette – Absolute Genetics

3rd  Riverdane Chief Lila Z – Riverdane Holsteins

4th  Parkend Gold Chip Rubine – Brian Weatherup

5th  Wormanby Victor Anita – Wormanby Farms Ltd

6th  Richaven Byway Kay – R A Bown


Five Year Old (7)

1st  Cairnpat Samovar Mrs Melody – Cairnpat Holsteins (EB) (BU)

2nd  Whiteflat Solomon Judy – Mungo Bryson

3rd  Drointon Flashy G Babydoll – Drointon Holsteins

4th  Richaven Impression Irma – R A Bown

5th  PinUpGirl Awesome Stockings – Gillian Weatherup

6th  Richaven Impression Ashlyn – R A Bown


Mature Cow (3)

1st  Riverdane Brady Sharon – Riverdane Holsteins (EB) (BU)

2nd  Wormanby Octane Arnhilda – Wormanby Farms Ltd

3rd  Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah – Evening Holsteins


Production Cow (3)

1st  Newbirks Jazz 1592 – A Lawson & Son (EB) (BU)

2nd  Riverdane EX Rosabel – Riverdane Holsteins

3rd  Hydaways Alchemy Raquel – Peter Hill & Son


Champion - Evening Sidekick Jennifer – Evening Holsteins

Reserve - Eedy Crushabull Acclaim – B Yates & Son

Honourable Mention -  Riverdane Brady Sharon – Riverdane Holsteins


Premier Breeder – Riverdane Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor – Crossfell Holsteins & Blyth Farms

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