President's Medal



The Holstein UK President’s Medal is awarded to the HYB member who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed and their Club.

Semex UK is a professional partner of HYB and has made a significant contribution to the advancement and success of Holstein Young Breeders. Not only do Semex offer a substantial monetary contribution as part of their sponsorship, they also pay for the three HYB President’s Medal finalists to attend the Semex International Dairy Conference and they fund a trip for the winner to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.


Holstein UK are delighted to present the prestigious 2021 President’s Medal Award to a member of the Cornwall HYB Club for the second consecutive year. Cari Thomas has claimed the title for her outstanding contribution to the Holstein breed, HYB and her Club and she has won an engraved medal and a trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, kindly funded by HYB’s Principal Sponsor, Semex. Holstein UK also congratulate the two runners up John Mclean from the Northern Ireland Club and Rachel Williamson from the Border & Lakeland Club.



Cari Thomas (Cornwall)

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Runners Up

John Mclean (N. Ireland)

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Rachel Williamson (Border & Lakeland)

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On Friday 27th November 2020, the winner of the 2020 President's Medal was announced as Steven Harris from the Cornwall Holstein Young Breeders Club. Entrants were asked to write and submit an essay titled “In light of the changes facing the UK dairy industry, what steps should be taken at farm level to adapt to these changes and boldly go forward?"



2020 President's Medal Winner Steven Harris, Cornwall

(Steven photographed with Holstein UK Chairman Michael Smale)

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Heather Martin, Northern Ireland

(Heather photographed with Holstein NI Chairman Iain McLean)

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Rob Higgins, Shropshire

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On Monday 13th January 2020, the winner of the 2019 President's Medal was announced as Andrew Neilson from the Scotland Holstein Young Breeders Club. Entrants were asked to write and submit an essay titled “What can all of us, as breeders who work in the UK dairy industry, do to reverse the trend of consumers choosing cows’ milk alternatives?” 

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Andrew Neilson being presented the with the President's Medal by Holstein UK President Bryan Thomas and Semex's Michael Dennison


Cari Thomas, Cornwall

Frances Griffiths, Yorkshire


On Monday 14th January, 2019, the winner of the 2018 President’s Medal was announced as Jess Mills from the Derbyshire Holstein Young Breeders Club. Entrants were asked to write an essay titled Nine years after the first genomic bulls were used female genomic testing is on the rise. Discuss the role of this technology within modern dairy farming and how you could use this data within your own herd management”.

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Winner - Jess Mills, Derbyshire

Jess Mills being presented with the President's Medal by Holstein UK President Peter Waring


James Doherty, Shropshire

Jessica Hurren, North Eastern


The 2017 entrants were asked to write an essay titled 'Countdown to a New Dawn'

Winner - Helen Eastham, Lancashire

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Runner Ups

Tom Lomas, Western

Lucy Taylor, Staffordshire

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The 2016 entrants were asked to write an essay titled 'How Can We Create A Brave New World In Dairying?'


Andrew Patterson, Shropshire

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Andrew Patton, Northern Ireland

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Runner Up - Mark Robinson, Western

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The 2015 entrants were asked to write an essay titled 'My Agenda For Dairy Farming'.

Winner - Michael Yates, Scotland South

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Runners Up

Nicola Bishop, Devon

Andrew Patton, Northern Ireland


Winner - Thomas Hill, Staffordshire

Runners Up

Tom Stable, Lancashire

Georgina Fort, Yorkshire


Winner - Michael Lawrence, Lancashire


Winner - Anna Dickinson, Yorkshire


Winner - Owain Harries, South Wales


Winner - Craig Brough, Border & Lakeland


Winner - Colin Laird, Scotland South


Winner - Lucinda Morgan, Devon


Winner - Robert Sloan, Scotland South


Winner - Louise Lilburn, Northern Ireland