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WebMate is a simple yet specific tool designed to allow breeders to determine mating recommendations for animals within the herd.

To get the most out of the program it is recommended you Type Classify the herd via the NBDC service. Within the program there are various options to choose from when deciding which groups of females to mate, such as by latest classification, by certain trait ranges or age ranges.

Once a group of females has been selected, the program allows you to analyse which bulls to use with which females in order to breed animals that fit your system.

With WebMate, there are many options available to help find the ideal mating. For example, it is possible to restrict the search to only semen that you currently have in your flask and also to set a number of straws available for use. WebMate can aid with understanding the potential inbreeding level of a mating and allows you to exclude certain sires from breeding recommendations should you wish. The program generates three optimum bull choices per cow, which allows you to further selection when mating time comes.


If you do not have a herd registered with a breed society but wish to see how WebMate works, please use guest login to access a fully interactive demonstration of the WebMate program.

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