Agriscot 2023
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mark Nutsford


Junior Heifer in Milk (4)

1. Newbirks Chief Jazz 1970, Scott Forsyth

2. Lesmay Dalliance Patent, Brian Weatherup & Partner

3. Ewemoo Lambda Appleena, Lightning Holsteins

4. Vetech Pharo Darlene, Greentower Farms Ltd


Red & White Heifer in Milk (4)

1. Logan Avatar Rae Red, BG Yates & Son

2. Whiteflat Attraction Geraldine, Mungo Bryson & Son

3. Parkend Mirand Starlet Red, Brian Weatherup

4. Hilltower Rager Marcy, A & S Lawrie


Senior Heifer in Milk (5)

1. Wolfa Chief Sue, Newmeadow Holsteins

2. Evening Goldwyn Adeen, Evening Hill Farm Limited

3. Knoweside Crushtime Petrelle, G & G Templeton

4. Boclair Lambda Joan 6, Greentowers Farms Ltd

5. Mossbog Lambda Rachel, James Borland & Sons


Holstein Heifer Championship

Champion: Wolfa Chief Sue, Newmeadow Holsteins

Reserve: Evening Goldwyn Adeen, Evening Hill Farm Limited


AgriScot Super Heifer Championship

Reserve: Wolfa Chief Sue



Red & White Cow (6)

1. Logan Rubels Seisme, BG Yates & Son

2. Calderglen Margot 3, J & M Barr

3. Whiteflat Jordy Lizzie Red, Mungo Bryson & Son

4. Swaites Mavis 25, Messrs John Adamson & Son

5. Swaites Spottie 6, Messrs John Adamson & Son


Junior Cow in Milk (5)

1. MAG Pandor, Blyth Farm & Ferme Blondin

2. Crossfell Discjockey Erle, Crossfell Holsteins

3. Vetech Pepper Kim, R & M Scott & Salvador Esquierdo

4. Blydale Chief Lynn, G & G Templeton

5. Clwch Crushabull Rhapsody, Blyth Farm & Will Williams


Intermediate Cow in Milk (4)

1. Evening Sidekick Jennifer, Evening Hill Farm Limited

2. Wilt Bailay, Blyth Farm

3. Lesmay Kingpin Myah, Brian Weatherup & Partners

4. Mossbog Silvio Beth, James Borland & Sons


Senior Cow in Milk (1)

1. Logan Fitz Becky, BG Yates & Son


Holstein Championship

Champion: Evening Sidekick Jennifer

Reserve: Wilt Bailay


AgriScot Super Cow Championship

Champion: Evening Sidekick Jennifer

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