Holstein UK

 We are a member-owned organisation dedicated to innovation and quality and are driven to continuously improve the services we offer 

Holstein UK is Europe’s largest independent dairy breed society offering a range of services to the dairy industry, focused on improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein and British Friesian breeds. Owned by its members, the Society is dedicated to assisting Holstein and British Friesian dairy farmers to breed profitable, robust and productive dairy cattle. Holstein UK aims to aid its members going forward by highlighting the traceability, authenticity and quality of registered cattle. 


The Holstein UK Group

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) is the UK's leading milk recording and health testing organisation operating a state-of-the-art laboratory.     National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC) provides Herdbook registration, classification and genomic testing services for pedigree dairy and beef cattle breed societies in the UK.   Holstein Young Breeders provides activities for young dairy farmers as a means of promoting, learning and providing new experiences.
Approved Registered Cattle (ARC) offers members access to the best priced cattle tags and provides assured traceability through DNA testing.   The British Friesian Breeders Club was formed in 1990 to promote and encourage the best of British Friesians.   UK Dairy Day is an event to attend for anyone connected to the dairy industry providing an opportunity to network, share knowledge and learn.


Latest News

16 May 2024

Grade up your herd from as little as £1.50 per head*

The Scottish Barncluth herd has been awarded the highly acclaimed British Friesian Herd of the Year Award.

30 Apr 2024

The UK dairy industry stands at the forefront of global dairy supply chains, poised to meet the challenges of a world population projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. Read more..