The Society

About the Society

Holstein UK is Europe's largest independent breed society. It offers a range of services to the dairy industry targeted at improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein and British Friesian breeds.

The Society has built up a portfolio of services designed to improve your breeding decisions along with the quality, profitability and longevity of your herd. Today, Holstein UK has around 4,500 members and registers almost 200,000 cattle each year.

British Friesians continue to be registered in the Herd Book with percentages of Friesian clearly denoted. For general information on British Friesians, visit the British Friesian Breeders Club website, or for more information on individual animals visit the Holstein UK Animal Data page.


About the Breeds


A rich heritage and many years of classification, milk recording and selective breeding have produced the high performance dairy cow that is the modern British Holstein. Today's Holstein cow is an unparalleled converter of forage into dairy, achieving on average over 9,500kg milk yield together with 700kg combined fat and protein.

British Friesians

The British Friesian was the original strain of the Holstein-Friesian developed in the UK. Whilst the North American Holstein became a specialist milk producer, the British Friesian maintained an element of dual purpose through the middle part of the twentieth century. That dual purpose remains today, with Friesians carrying more flesh and body condition than their Holstein counterparts, albeit on a smaller frame size.


Through the Society, you can meet your breeding objectives, maximise your production targets and utilise your farming system with the Holstein and British Friesian breeds.