Royal Ulster Winter Fair Results 2019
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Rob Anderson, Australia


Holstein Champion: Lisnalty Megasire Ritual

Holstein Reserve Champion: Tubbertoby Armani Fleur


Heifer in milk Champion: Boghill Glamour Hurricane Carlin D

Heifer in milk Reserve Champion: Priestland 6146 Atwood James Rose


Junior Champion: Wiltor Emilio Chassity

Junior Reserve Champion: Hallow Solomon Twizzle


Heifer, born on or after 1st June 2019 and on or after 1st December 2018 (8)

1st Priestland 6530 Solomon James Rose (Solomon), McLean family

2nd Greenlea Casper Rhapsody (Casper), P Greenan

3rd Beechview Doorman Bridget (Doorman), G Booth

4th Ballyboy Rambo Carmen (Rambo), Ballyboy Holsteins

5th Annaghmore Diamondback Barb (Diamondback), Annaghmore Holsteins

6th Ernevale Sidekick Triuna (Sidekick), S Gunn

7th Frocess Mogul Becci (Mogul), Gregg family

8th Frocess Attempt Arabess Red (Attempt Red), Gregg family


Heifer, born on or before 1st December 2018 and on or after 1st June 2018 (5)

1st Priestland 6474 Solomon James Rose (Solomon), McLean family

2nd Drumshanny Beaut Ra Ra Red (Beaut), T Williamson

3rd Slatabogie Axel August Alex Red (Axel-Red), A Paul

4th Carldanton Stronger Mahogany Red (Stronger), C Irwin

5th Dalevalley Lucky Jodie Red P (Lucky PP Red), T Williamson


Heifer, born before 1st June 2018 and on or after 1st December 2017 (6)

1st Wiltor Emilio Chassity (Emilio), M Breen

2nd Hallow Solomon Twizzle (Solomon), Hallow Holsteins

3rd Damm 1st Class Callen Lavish (Callen), G & D Simpson

4th Clonpaddin Byway Fame (Byway), C Irwin

5th Greenlea Atwood Roxy (Atwood), P Greenan

6th Beechview Emilio Pia (Emilio), G Booth


Junior Heifer in milk (6)

1st Glaslough Doorsopen Pebbles (Doorsopen), D Boyd & T Keith (BU)

2nd Lynbrook Atwood Erin (Atwood), R Timlin & D O’Neill

3rd Mostragee Kingpin Ellie (Kingpin), Henry family

4th Grangecon Door Honeybee (Mesdoor), A Kealy

5th Dunbanard Diamondback Adeen (Diamondback), P Dunn

6th Tubbertoby Doorman Franny (Doorman), Tubbertoby Holsteins


Intermediate Heifer in milk (6)

1st Lumville M Danoise (Mogul), Annaghmore Holsteins (BU)

2nd Clonpaddin Kingboy Shower (Kingboy), G Hurley

3rd Damm Show Us Your Fitz (Fitz), G & D Simpson

4th Beechview Fitz Danna (Fitz), G Booth

5th Tubbertoby Diamond Fussy (Diamondback), Tubbertoby Holsteins

6th Evergreen Bee Lydia (Beemer), L Murphy


Senior Heifer in milk (7)

1st Boghill Glamour Hurricane Carlin D (Hurricane), A Paul (BU)

2nd Priestland 6146 Atwood James Rose (Atwood), McLean family

3rd Evergreen Hag Lauren 2 (Hagley), L Murphy

4th Monamore DB Redrose (Diamondback), T Kelly

5th Damm Mesdoor Boukje (Mesdoor), G & D Simpson

6th Ernevale Megawatt Triuna (Megawatt), S Gunn

7th Derrymore P Martina Red (Apoll-P), N McCorry & Sons


Junior Cow in milk (6)

1st Lisnalty Megasire Ritual (Megasire), P Hannan (BU)

2nd Clonpaddin CWG Jill 14 (Goldchip), G Hurley

3rd Clonpaddin Doorman Fame (Doorman), G Booth

4th Blarney Mogul Polly 2 (Mogul), G Booth

5th Wiltor Mesdoor Jasmine (Mesdoor), A Paul


Senior Cow in milk (7)

1st Tubbertoby Armani Fleur (Armani), Tubbertoby Holsteins (BU)

2nd Fordwich Seaver Agnes 4 (Seaver), Henry family

3rd Lissue Doorman Fame 3 (Doorman), C McAufield

4th Ballyboy Sid Carmen (Sid), Ballyboy Holsteins

5th Damm Glauco Beth (Glauco), G & D Simpson

6th Derrymore Fidelity Liza Red 2 (Fidelty), N McCorry & Sons

7th Bannwater Sheba 84 (Gold Chip), A Magowan


Cow in milk having had three calvings (5)

1st Greenlea MG Rhapsdy (Mardi Gras), P Greenan (BU)

2nd Hallow Attic Christina (Attic), Hallow Holsteins

3rd Aghavilly Direct Rose Red (Direct), C Irwin

4th Hawksmoor Topee 92 (Alexander), G Booth

5th Sterndale Colt Raeet (Colt 45), L Murphy


Cow in milk having had four calvings (4)

1st Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose (Shottle), McLean family (BU)

2nd Boghill Aikman D Sara (Aikman), Annaghmore Holsteins

3rd Robinview Atwood Vicky 11 (Atwood), Henry, Simpson, Kennedy & Fleming

4th Baldonnel FM Renita (Flashmatic), C Dowling


Production cow (2)

1st Ernevale Minister Rosina (Mr Minister), S Gunn

2nd Priestland 4951 Shot Bedazzle (Shottle), McLean family


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